Who are Main's Martial Arts Academy

Main’s Martial Arts Academy or MMAA is the go-to-club for taekwondo classes in Port Talbot.

We are in Ysgol Bae Baglan every Tuesday and Thursday where we hold Taekwondo classes for kids, teens and adults. Our location is ideal for all forms of transport with excellent parking facilities on-site and a bus stop nearby.

We have 3 different lessons for alternate age groups, starting at 3 years old. Our kids classes are energetic and great fun to keep the little ones entertained.  The older classes are more disciplined and concentrate on working through a syllabus set out by the International Taekwon-Do Federation.

The prices per lesson are reasonable and discounts are available for two or more members of the same family. So it gets cheaper for brothers, sisters, mums and dads! You can see our lesson price list here.

We provide a safe and positive environment for people of all ages to practice Taekwondo with us, no experience required! If you want to try some taekwondo classes in Port Talbot, we offer 2 free lessons for all new students. You can book your free lessons here.

Tae Kwon Do Translated

What is Taekwondo?

A literal translation of the word is “the way of the foot and fist”. Taekwondo is an unarmed martial art for the purpose of self defence and is renowned for promoting health and well-being in it’s students.

This form of martial art involves striking, punching, kicking, blocking and stances, all of which incorporate natural body movement.

Taekwondo is widely known for improving mental and physical attributes in a number of ways. Firstly, improving self-esteem by elevating your physical and mental power. Secondly, building your confidence by encouraging you to succeed and take control. Thirdly, learning self-defence through training and learning how to perceive danger. Last but not least strengthening your mind and body, for instance, through coordination and discipline.

Will my kids enjoy taekwondo?

The short answer is yes, absolutely! Taekwondo classes for kids are great way to improve fitness levels.  It’s also great for increasing focus, confidence and discipline in young ones. They will learn how to block, strike and kick correctly in a safe and controlled environment and will meet other children of similar age and interests.

The idea of educating a little one to punch and kick may be a daunting thought for any parent. As a result of this, we instil discipline in our students very early on and teach them that taekwondo is not for the home or playground.

Little ones will greatly benefit from our anti-bullying programme where they are taught to identify and manage situations without using violence.

If you have any questions, you can contact us – or if you want to see how our lessons are conducted, please come along to one of our free lessons.

these are some of the organisations we work with to bring high quality taekwondo classes and anti-bullying workshops to you

There Is No Glory In Practice But Without Practice, There Can Be No Glory.

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miss Lauren Main-Robson is the founder and lead instructor here at MMAA.

Lauren has achieved a 3rd degree black belt in taekwondo and a black belt in kickboxing.

Lauren started her taekwondo journey at eight years old by joining her local club Taekwon-Do-Wales in Blackwood, South Wales. For her and many others, the reason for starting taekwondo was because of the merciless bullying she endured at school. Lauren wanted to find a way out by learning self-defence and build up her self-confidence before the bullies could take it away.

Lauren fell in love with taekwondo instantly so she trained as hard as she could with some amazing mentors. She got faster, stronger and more agile as a result of her training. Lauren regained enough of her confidence to start competing in Championships across the UK. She fought well to achieve ITF British, Welsh, Scottish and English Champion multiple times within her category.  Due to her success around the UK, Lauren was later selected to become a member of ITF Welsh Taekwon-Do Team to represent Wales in championships across the world.  This meant Lauren got to travel the world visiting amazing countries like Uzbekistan, Croatia, Estonia and more, a dream come true.

As a result of many successful competitions in the Welsh Squad, her International career began and Lauren found herself competing at the highest level where she successfully fought her way to World and European medals.

The Olympic Dream

Young Lauren always dreamed of becoming an Olympian. However, she wouldn’t have anticipated that taekwondo would take her there! With that in mind, she discovered that she could kick and punch people in the head with great power and accuracy.  This was the path that would bring her closer to achieving her childhood dreams.Lauren participated in the 2012 Olympic Fighting Chance Program where she obtained a bronze medal in the BTCB British TKD International Championships.  This was quite an accomplishment as she competed alongside top-level athletes including Jade Jones (MBE), Bianca Walkden and more. Unfortunately, in 2011, Lauren sustained a serious injury during training and as a result, forced her to stop preparations and recover, causing her to narrowly miss out on London 2012.

Down, but not out!

After a long recovery period and despite not being able to compete in the Olympics, Lauren wasn’t ready to give up on her taekwondo career. Instead, she decided to qualify as an instructor for taekwondo-Wales and with her heart and mind set on helping others to achieve their dreams, she opened a school for taekwondo in Neath Port Talbot.Lauren found inspiration from watching her students compete (and often win) in tournaments across the UK. With this new-found inspiration she decided to return to competitive taekwondo herself. As a result, Lauren is now representing the Royal Navy, of which she is a reserve. She competes in the Armed Forces Championships and has fought exceptionally well to become both Armed Forces and Royal Navy Champion in 2017 as well as ITF Taekwon-Do & World Taekwondo in 2018.

Come and enjoy some free lessons with MMAA

It’s hard for Lauren to express in words how much she loves increasing her knowledge of taekwondo and teaching it to her students. She recommends you join in on their free lessons to see for yourself. The passion and commitment the she, the students and parents put into the club is second to none and they would absolutely love to welcome new members to the MMAA family.Lauren has experienced first-hand what it takes to become a champion and she is glad to have the opportunity of passing this knowledge on to all current and future students.
Jack Thomas Appeal


Every week in the UK 12 young people die suddenly from an undiagnosed heart condition.

On 12th February 2012, 15 year old Jack Thomas became one of those 12 young people.

The Jack Thomas Appeal has been set up in his memory by his family and the Welsh Hearts organisation with the aim of placing defibrillators in schools and public areas across South Wales.


Jack’s Appeal is saving young lives and they need our help to carry on their amazing work.