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Taekwondo kids - AGe 3-7

Taekwondo junior - Age 8-12

Taekwondo adult - Age 13+

Do kids enjoy Taekwondo?​

The short answer is yes, absolutely! Taekwondo classes for kids are great way to improve fitness levels.  It’s also great for increasing focus, confidence and discipline in young ones. They will learn how to block, strike and kick correctly in a safe and controlled environment and will meet other children of similar age and interests.

The idea of educating a little one to punch and kick may be a daunting thought for any parent. As a result of this, we instil discipline in our students very early on and teach them that taekwondo is not for the home or playground.

Little ones will greatly benefit from our anti-bullying programme where they are taught to identify and manage situations without using violence.

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Jack Thomas Appeal


Every week in the UK 12 young people die suddenly from an undiagnosed heart condition.

On 12th February 2012, 15 year old Jack Thomas became one of those 12 young people.

The Jack Thomas Appeal has been set up in his memory by his family and the Welsh Hearts organisation with the aim of placing defibrillators in schools and public areas across South Wales.


Jack’s Appeal is saving young lives and they need our help to carry on their amazing work.